About this site

What is it?
First, it's a public notice board and village event calendar. If you represent (say) the Scouts and you're having a jumble sale, you can reach more non-parents with less effort than putting a few posters on notice boards. When there's a quiz at the British Legion or The Dorset Soldier, or a film or coffee morning at the Village Hall or an African Dream day at St Nicholas' church, it can be listed in the village diary. If there's one place to look to see what's happening in the village, then we're better informed and may become more involved. If you lose a cat or need jars for jam-making, you can put a notice here. Events and notices alone would make it worthwhile.

Information The Village Directory will eventually list all known organisations so this ought to be the first place to look for a particular organisation or activity. There are links to schools, doctors, vet, churches and many other organisations. Is there a Green Party Support Group, Bridge Club or a Home-Brew circle? Does anyone here play badminton? If they aren't a secret society, they should be listed in the directory.

News If your sports team or school trip does something you think will interest others and you want to tell everyone about it, a report here will mean it's seen by those who otherwise wouldn't know how well you've done. News about Corfe Mullen ought to be seen here first, the same day, not in print, days later. If you know something has happened, tell us or write a report yourself.

Articles Not all site content has to be about Corfe Mullen - that would be a bit restrictive. People who can write something interesting or informative on any topic which may interest others can offer it for publication.

Discussions There are forums too, where you can air your views about most things. Some of it will probably be niggles like dog mess, footpaths or parking. Some will be on bigger issues like village expansion, speeding, planning or crime. You can add your thoughts or create a new discussion topic when you're registered.

This community site is for all of us who live here - not just for a few of us to write articles or tell everyone else what to think. It was created so we can all share information, views and needs. Don't leave it all to others!

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