Policy guidelines

To summarise: be nice, be honest: aim high in both categories.

There will be disagreements among a large number of people but these will be aired in a civilised manner. If you disagree with someone, attack their point, not the person. Calling someone stupid because you disagree is very easy but unacceptable. It doesn't win the argument and doesn't impress anyone. Don't post immediately if something annoys you; wait a while and think of a good, clever answer which doesn't depend on putting down the other party.

This site exists to promote social and community life. Anything legal and decent which either relates to this locality or may be of interest to the people who live here will generally be considered acceptable, but site moderators' decision is final.

Site content is written assuming lots of others will read it. No-one should have to make an effort to understand you. Please do them the courtesy of writing complete English sentences, with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Lazy spelling or capitalisation or missing out words just devalue your efforts. Text speak and contributions comprising a phrase only, may be deleted by tired or grouchy moderators as will any incoherent comment. No-one expects perfection but please aim for high standards.

We start this in the hope that people will behave well and clever anti-spam filters and tight human control of content won't be needed. This is probably hopelessly optimistic but we'll give it a try and increase security and control as necessary.

Don't be a troll! A troll is someone who says something outrageous just to get a response, even if they don't agree with it themselves. Internet discussions can get sidetracked by people like this. We want your real views.

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