Spectrum of Age

by Kate Jefferies

Yesterday I went to see the 'Spectrum of Age' Exhibition in the Peacock Gallery at Upton Country Park. The Exhibition includes artistic work from 4 generations of the same family.

It was wonderful! There were beautiful watercolour paintings, a lot of them featuring beaches and boats and lighthouses, beautiful photography showing a variety of subjects, exquisite stained glass, and innovative illustration. Congratulations to the four generations of this artistic family whose work is on display.

There are two days left of the Exhibition now as it finishes on Monday 26th April and it's well worth a visit. I found it very inspiring. My own favourites were a photo of the famous Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, taken from the bottom rather than the usual view from the top which reminds us of the Hovis advert, and a stunning stained glass chicken.

While I was at Upton Park I wandered round the lovely gardens, saw some peahens and took lots of photos. A lovely afternoon.

Spectrum of Age art exhibition

Thanks Kate for your kind comments on our exhibition and we are pleased that you enjoyed your visit to the Peacock Gallery and to Upton Country Park. My dad was 70 when he started painting about ten years ago so the exhibition was a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to see how his art has progressed and he was pleased to see his work on show.
He is very proud that his daughters, grandchildren and even great grandchildren all have a keen interest and appreciation of art in various forms.
The many positive comments written in our visitor's book have encouraged us to work towards a second exhibition (date and venue yet to be arranged).
Lynda, Martin and family

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