Terms of Use

Corfe Mullen Online (CMO) was created for the benefit of residents of this village, who may use it freely for non-commercial purposes under the conditions described here. Use of this site implies acceptance of these terms of use. If these conditions are changed, there will be a prominent site notice so users cannot claim to be unaware of changes.

The word 'content' here means anything made visible to users through the site, including articles, forum discussion posts, comments, images etc.

CMO, owners and originators of content cannot be held responsible for consequences of viewing site content or following advice; content is published in good faith but with no guarantees as to accuracy. Corrections will be made as soon as is practical following notification of an error.

All content from named users, particularly articles and images, remains the property of the named originator and cannot be published elsewhere without their permission. Most likely they'll be pleased to give consent unless you claim their work as your own or try to make money from their efforts.

Site content submitted for publication must either be the original work of the person submitting it, or submission must be with the express permission of the originator. Due to copyright laws, you may not copy large chunks of content from elsewhere for publication here or claim copied content as your own work. You may copy brief extracts from elsewhere as part of an article or discussion and due credit must be given to the copyright owner. We publish on trust, based on your assertion that content submitted is your own work or that you have permission.

No content may be sexist, racist, offensive, defamatory, or contain profanity or blasphemy. No content may encourage violence, illegal activity or hatred of others.

You may not trade or attempt to trade in illegal goods or services, specifically drugs, arms or sexual services.

User content (including user names) may not be an advertisement or commercial in nature. Recommendations of local (Corfe Mullen) businesses from which the writer derives no benefit are permitted.

Users may not in general use CMO to publicise a specific grievance. If you are unhappy with, for example: a school, a plumber, a shop, or a council service, the proper complaint channels should be followed. If this proves unsatisfactory, please contact us about the possibility of using the site to raise the issue publicly. You may not use this site to accuse an identifiable individual of crime or wrong-doing.

The site moderators' decision as to the suitability or acceptability of content including comments is final; they may remove or modify content without explanation, though generally will provide reasons for future guidance.

Unregistered users may add a comment to a discussion but such comments must wait for approval by a site moderator. Your real name must accompany your comment.

Registered users can start new discussions and add comments freely but these may be removed or modified if considered by site moderators that site rules have been broken, in which case a warning may be given and a user may be temporarily suspended.

Registered users may send and receive private messages (PMs) with others. This is the only way to communicate with other individual users. Messages cannot be seen by other users but are not secure and may possibly be viewed by site admins with some technical poking around. PMs may not be used to arrange activities which go against site rules.

Registration is simple but we need to be sure that you are a real individual person. You can use a screen name but you must also supply your real name (first name and surname) which will be visible to site moderators. A screen name must not be offensive, provocative or be the name of another real person; it may not be that of a campaign, business or organisation. We do not request personal information for any other reason than to identify you and to keep you accountable for any content you post. We undertake to treat such data as confidential; information will not be sold, passed on or made available to anyone else except as required by law, though your real name will not be kept private if you use a screen name to hide bad behaviour.

There are no joint accounts for couples, families or organisations. Each person may only have one account and each account requires a separate email address which will need to be checked regularly for incoming mail.

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