Traction Engine in Wareham Road

An unusual sight in the village, this traction engine was spotted going up Henbury View road towards Wareham Road by Chris Kemp who tipped me off. I went to see it in the early evening sun but only caught this slightly blurry picture as it steamed past the library, whistling cheerfully.

Hoops of Fire

I saw it again a few days later on the 19th June and got a better picture which I've used to replace the original fuzzy one. This time it looked like a family outing and it was towing a trailer.

Later in the day I went with a friend to Canford Arena to see Bournemouth and Poole Preservation Club's Steam and Vehicle Show and saw various vintage vehicles including traction engines and spotted 'our' local Traction Engine again. We spoke to the people who live in Corfe Mullen and have commented below.

We also saw the No Limitz Junior Motorcycle Display Team who showed great skill and courage as they used ramps to fly through the air and jump through hoops of fire!

steam in corfe mullen

engine has been on route to breamore, canford arena and the coventry arms!!
next outing will be eve 9th july or morning 10th july to honeybrook steam event.


I wonder where it was going?

It's too early for the Dorset Steam Fair, isn't it?


I saw it going the other way down Wareham Road yesterday in the evening. Someone must know where it's from / going to, not an easy thing to hide!


I heard it whistle again yesterday when you did Martin and thought of running out to get a better picture. I didn't as it probably would have gone before I could catch it.

You'd need space and a high roofed garage as a home for it - it's not the kind of thing you could keep under the bed!

Steam Engine

would love a high roof garage/barn but it is currently in the front garden! was on route to canford arena for steam weekend 19th/20th June - next outing eve 9th or morning 10th july going to honneybrook steam event on wimborne/cranborne road.

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