M&M's Closes

A retail business in Corfe Mullen (pictured on Friday) closed for good on Saturday 26th June 2010 through lack of custom.

You would think that a shop selling such a wide range of useful items which we all need from time to time, from a prominent central village location, with a potential customer base of 10,000 people right on the doorstep would do well, but sadly not. [...more...]

M&M's sold hardware, household cleaning goods, kitchen equipment, pet food and supplies, garden tools and seeds, toiletries, cosmetics, gifts, toys and sweets. Maybe too many people just get in the car when they want something and don't think of buying locally, even when what they want is available at an affordable price within the village. People must have driven past M&M's to buy the same thing elsewhere!

The premises are now vacant and their future depends on someone else with a business idea, plus the will and the money. What type of business would work and be a benefit to the local community? Please not an Estate Agent!

New shop & cafe?

Outside Hillview Post Office today I spotted a planning application notice for the old M&M's, 137 Wareham Road. The application was to use the premises for retail with a cafeteria!

M&M's Cafe & Shop

Thanks Binbert - I somehow missed your advance notice of this at first.

I was told in December that St Nicholas Church through a Trust had applied for planning permission for change of use to a cafe and shop. I was asked not to mention it here on CMO until they received the planing decision, when they'd let me know.

That was the last I heard until today when Ermintrude said that the church printed newsletter talks about it as something definite, so presumably planning permission was given.

It's good news and should be good for the village to have a community cafe and shop.

Community cafe and shop

Sounds like a great idea, but don't forget Esthers in the Virgin Active club is open to the public too.


If this idea is worth considering, how about starting off with a money-making venture to fund the cafes future?

Still a cafe but with a 2012 Olympic theme. Selling official merchandise, Olympic related drinks & snacks and having a large screen to show Olympic related programmes. Have the first 2012 Olympic cafe in the UK which would revert to the original idea of a crafts cafe after the event. There may even be funding available.

Perhaps I'm thinking too far outside the box! Given the average age of the population of Corfe Mullen, a sports theme may just attract the few youngsters we have.

New Shop

How about a combined cafe & shop? Run & owned by a consortium of village residents, it could sell home-made cakes and pastries together with crafts, antiques & collectibles - all supplied by the consortium.


Lynda White and I were talking about this same idea at the weekend.
I'd love to see a cafe which also sells crafts etc, run by local people.

Cafe 2

Looks like there's a few people with the same idea. It's what I first thoughts when I saw the article as well. Wonder what the demand would be.

Sufficient Demand

That's a good point Martin - it would fail if people had positive feelings about it, but rarely actually went there!

As a community-run enterprise it could become a community 'hub' and meeting point in the village without the absolute need to make a profit, as long as it covered its costs.

Cafe and Crafts

I think a Cafe and Craft Shop is a brilliant idea!

As well as participating artists and craftspeople, you'd need someone with business, organising and merchandising skills to oversee the whole thing.

That could be one of the artists if they have those skills. I'm sure Lynda and Martin would be able to do it judging by the brilliant Art Exhibition they recently put on.

You'd need to attract the tourist trade, which would be good for the village as well.

Is this a serious suggestion, or a pipe dream?

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