CICM Celebration

A number of people in Corfe Mullen are getting together in late September for a celebration. What do they have in common? They're all Christians, from various churches and none. Local church leaders met up and discussed the possibility of a joint gathering; they realised that there are many Christians who live in Corfe Mullen but belong to churches outside the village. They came up with the name "Christians in Corfe Mullen" as it simply describes who they are.

Concerning whether this is a one-off or the first of a series of events, Martin Walker from the Family church said "It’s a first step, and quite honestly, we don’t know what comes next. Obviously there are things such as the Carnival where the churches are involved in doing something together but it seems right and God honouring that we should seek to strengthen relationships with each other." [.. read more..]

When asked about the significance of people coming together from different denominational groups, he said "Obviously Christ prayed that his disciples would be ‘one’, but it’s always easier to not work at expressing that together, especially if this sort of thing has happened in the past and didn’t continue. God willing, in some ways this issue will be partly answered by the blessing at the meeting on 26th September. It’ll then be down to each of us to answer it ourselves."

The main planning has been done by Knoll Farm Church, Chapel In The Valley, St Nicholas’, and Corfe Mullen Family Church. Both Methodist Churches also support what they're doing.

Any further news about this event, at St. Nicholas church on 26th September will be published here.

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