First Snow!

Corfe Mullen must have been one of the last places in the country to see snow this year but we certainly saw some this week. Schools were affected, including Lockyer's being closed on Friday due to "dangerous icy conditions on the school premises".

One temporary resident was delighted with Thursday's snow though, never having seen it before!

Hillary Atuhaire comes from Watoto Church in Kampala, the capital of Uganda and is currently volunteering with St Nicholas Church in Corfe Mullen.

His first attempt at building a snowman may not have been the most elegant or robust as it didn't last long before being knocked down later that morning.

gritting the bus routes

It seems mad to me that the gritter drives along Highfield road but doesn't grit!! It does Lancester Drive and Springdale and uses us as a loop, we are a bus route but not done! WHY?

Gritting the Bus routes

The section of Wimborne Road which runs past the allotments was omitted too. It is most definately a bus route and it runs past Lockyers school. Lockyers road was gritted and its not the bus route!!!


That is really so, amaizing!!!! It is very evident that, that was my first Snowman, But a good experience for a good memory.

Thanks a lot to the team of Team! I love it...

Happy times!!!

Absolutely fantastic experience Hillary.

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