Problems using this site

1. You can't log in to CMO if you haven't registered as a user on this site. How could you log into an account you don't have? Create your account first. Simple!

2. You can't create an account and log in straight away. We do check people who have registered before enabling a new account. This doesn't happen immediately, it takes some hours at least. If you're a normal decent person with in interest in local events and activities, you're welcome to join. We have standards and we try to keep the site safe for all by keeping dodgy-looking users out.

3. Dodgy-looking users are those who ignore the guidelines for creating an account. They don't put a credible real name, or they create an account which contains only random letters and numbers or include a link to some dodgy site in Ukraine or fail to put a proper UK email address. Many accounts are created from very distant locations (yes, we can tell) and they don't even pretend to have any connection or interest in what happens in Corfe Mullen. We don't need them.

4. Some people may see "Real Name" and put "Bloggs Window Replacement" or "Tom and Barbara", which won't do. We want a real individual's name, not a business, and not a family. If it doesn't follow the guidelines or look right, it won't be activated.

5. You may have concerns that your email address could be misused. You could put in a bogus one, but of course, you'll never get an email from us to tell you when your account is activated, and you would be stuck if you forgot your password. We treat your email with respect: we won't sell it or otherwise misuse it and we don't keep sending you messages. We're not selling anything.

6. Some users try to add a comment or create an account but fail the humanity tests. Maybe some are real people who don't spot the request to look at the funny wobbly letters and numbers and type them in to show they're a person, but most likely they're just hacking software, automated attempts to create bogus users or dodgy comments. We don't want them either. If any real people didn't understand, they should try again.

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