Submitting Pictures

New (7th June 2012)
We now have a village Flickr group where you can add pictures and videos of the village. You need to be a Flickr member (you can use your Yahoo, Facebook or Google login) but it's free and not difficult. See Please join and add yours if they're relevant to the village and suitable for all to see.

Please make sure all your pictures have a helpful title and not just the camera's meaningless serialised numbers. They should also have tags added including "Corfe Mullen" to each one to make sure our menu links from this site find all relevant ones. Other tags in use include carnival, jubilee, 2012, Dorset, UK.


Much of the following won't apply now and will be edited soon.

The site is configured to allow users to post comments but not to allow posting pictures - this is to try to ensure that all content is unlikely to offend. Any inappropriate text posted in comments can be removed quickly before much damage is done but an image has immediate visual impact and could upset some people. So only editors can add pictures to the site at present.

Pictures online don't need to be large files as they pointlessly occupy server space and take more time and bandwidth to download. Most pictures on CMO are cropped to 500 pixels wide to accomodate users with various screen settings and very few of them occupy more than 100kb.

If you have pictures for us please don't send large numbers of multi-megabyte files but choose a few good ones, then crop (cut off) any irrelevant stuff around the edges and reduce the file to under 500kb. Images would ideally arrive cropped to frame the main subject of interest and reduced to 500 pixels wide but if this is too hard, send them just reduced to sensible file sizes under 500kb and we can do the final steps.

We do not necessarily publish all photos submitted.

Pictures are published on CMO on the basis that you take responsibility for pictures you send in, that you took them yourself and have obtained permission of those pictured or their parents.

Copyright of pictures remains with the person who took them.

To send the pictures, email to:

pictures [at] corfemullenonline [dot] org

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