CMO at the Carnival

Yesterday I was offered the last plot for a stall/stand at the Rec on Carnival day. It's apparently not a very prominent position (Location, Location...) and at such short notice it's not going to be easy to create a visual experience to delight the eye, on the cheap! So don't set your expectations sky-high but we'll do our best to catch the eye of passers-by.

If you'd like to meet others with an interest in promoting the village and community organisations throughout the year, please seek us out and come to say hello. Please also tell your friends to come and find us too, especially if they still don't know what CMO is.

Thanks - CMO stand

I think we did pretty well at such short notice.

Thanks to:

    * The Carnival Committee for providing the plot
    * Martin Walker of the Family Church for lending a folding table
    * Lynda White for the colourful table coverings
    * Sarah Middleton for creating an attractive long banner of the site name
    * Chris and Lesley who helped set up and man the stand and talk to people
    * All the passers-by who saw the funny people sitting behind a colourful ethnic blanket and took the trouble to find out what we're about.
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