Paving Craze

Over the last several years I've seen quite a few houses with 'Block Paving' driveways but in the last couple of weeks my neighbours seem to have gone for it in a big way. It feels like there hasn't been a day recently without the sound of pneumatic drills breaking up the old concrete drives or machines to vibrate the sand base or press the laid blocks or lorries taking concrete or delivering sand or blocks.

Now next door is having a diagonal pattern laid so they have to cut every edge block fo fit and the sound of the angle grinder has been penetrating the air for many, many hours.

I'm not particularly annoyed as the workmen have been quite polite and considerate and anyway, it'll all be over soon. (It has to be over soon as they won't have any more customers!)

What do you think? Have you had yours done? Are you pleased with the result? It can look very nice and enhance a property if done well. Is it worth the cost? Does it relatively devalue those nearby which haven't been done? Do you wish you could afford it or happy to say 'no thanks'? Is it a craze, like stone cladding was a few years ago?

At least it shows that some people still have money to spend!

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