Recycling week deferred

I had a letter on Friday from Dorset Waste Partnership to say that the recycling collection is to be postponed by a week but to continue fortnightly, perhaps at a different time of day. I don't know how many people this affects (all of Corfe Mullen?) or how many got the letter but some of my neighbours have still put out their stuff for collection this morning.

For some years the collection in our road has been in the earlier part of a Monday morning. I find this time a bit too easy to forget, being straight after the weekend, and as it's early in the day it leaves little chance to spot neighbours' recycling and put out the box before they come. It's also the collection day most subject to change as most Bank Holidays are Mondays.

It seems we'll still be scheduled for Monday collections but if the change makes it later in the day, I'll be happier.

Does this affect you? Did you get the letter? Are you a keen or a reluctant recycler?

Thursday refuse collection

For as long as I can remember living here my refuse collection has been on a Friday but I got a letter a few days ago saying from this week it'll be collected on Thursdays.

I've no idea how many people this affects. All Corfe Mullen or only some. How about you?

Refuge collection.

South of the Village have been changed to Thursday also.
Will need to reprogram my brain to think Thursday
Dave Wright

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