Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

Most of us must be aware that elections are coming up for Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset Police but perhaps like me, you don't really know what the issues are, who to vote for or how to choose between them. Above all how much difference does it or can it make who gets the job?

The election takes place this Thursday 15th November, so if you haven't thought about this, time is running out.

I've had a leaflet through the door from the Conservatives and I just looked online and found an independent site see here:- choose my PCC so I now know that Labour and LibDems are fielding candidates as well as an independent.

While talking about this with a friend on the phone at the weekend who asked quite reasonably why most candidates are connected with political parties. It seems like a good question. Who does it help - is it for their benefit or ours?

You can find out about the candidates by reading their election statements from the above link, reproduced below to help you decide. If one seems better to you than the others, perhaps we should consider their views, ideas, priorities and relevant experience over which political party, if any, supports them.

Candidates in alphabetical order:
Andrew James Canning (Liberal Democrat)
Nick King (Conservative)
Rachel Rogers (Labour)
Martyn Underhill (Independent)

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