Floods at Julian's Bridge

Following the recent heavy rains the River Stour flood plains, along the course of the river, are at full capacity as the attached photographs indicate.

These are views of the flood plain taken from Julian’s Bridge

The 1st photograph is a view to the North-North West, towards Cowgrove

The Eye Bridge and Weir at Cowgrove is approximately in the centre of the picture on the far ‘bank’, approximately ½ mile distance as the crow flies, so the whole of Netherwood Mead land peninsular is currently underwater.

The 2nd photograph is a view to the South, towards Corfe Mullen

Standing on the bridge and watching the speed of the waters passing underneath is very unnerving.

Although the flood waters on either side of Mill Street have not yet reached the road level it is worrying close. Hopefully the rains ease for a couple of days.

Dave Wright

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