Horse Sanctuary in trouble after founder's death

Sadly David Craig, the founder of Happy Horse Sanctuary died of a heart attack on Christmas Eve this year whilst tending the horses he dedicated his life to.

The sanctuary, which cares for rescued horses and is located in a field just off Haywards Lane at the bottom of Pardys Hill in Corfe Mullen, is now faced with imminent closure and is desperate to find homes for as many of its horses as possible. Also required urgently are donations, either financial or of hay and food, to keep the horses going in this emergency.

For more information on the sanctuary and a list of the horses in need of new homes please look at their website

Chris Kemp

Happy Horse Sanctuary Donations

Chris Kemp
I would like to make a monetary donation to the Horse Sanctuary, in addition to the requested £2.00 on the website.
Attempts to download the Donation Form have resulted in an error message. Is there a daytime collection point in the village where cheques/cash donations can be deposited.
Dave Wright


hi, not as far as I know, maybe the best thing would be to contact them via Happyhorse contact page,

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