Recycling changes

If you've seen the leaflets or the recent 'roadshow' in the Village Hall, you probably know that recycling collections are changing soon but you may not be aware that there's a deadline this week to register for options other than the standard service the council offers.

Sheila Bird from the Parish Council office demonstrates the containers for the new service (excludes brown bag)

The new collections begin on 10th June, by which time everyone will be given the containers shown above (minus brown bag). We get a large wheelie bin for most recyclables, a smaller one for non-recyclables, two brown food waste bins and are expected to use the existing green box for glass. The brown bag shown is for garden waste and will be only issued to those who choose this service for which there is an additional charge. All these items are on display in the Parish Council office.

If you need a larger rubbish bin (second largest of those shown) for a large household or don't have somewhere to keep a bin, or want the garden waste service, please contact the council waste partnership (see below) before Thursday 28th Feb [--more--]

The following diagram shows the types of recyclables and waste, and the collection timing.

For more information, please see

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