Annette Brooke won't stand again

It's been announced today, 8th March, that Annette Brooke (pictured talking to a constituent outside the Co-op in April 2010), MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole will not stand for parliament at the next election.

She said "People have known privately for some time that I wasn't going to stand for re-election in 2015, mainly because it's time for me to retire from full time work - I shall be 68 by then."

She broke her hip and wrist in a fall last year and struggled while trying to perform some of her duties while on crutches. She had already considered whether her current term would be her last and the accident had helped her decide.

This announcement will make for interesting politics locally as the current government is a coalition of Lib Dems and Conservatives and they're the main contenders for this seat. Annette took it with a less-than-comfortable margin of 300 votes in 2010 so we could be in for an interesting battle next time.

We wish her well for the remainder of her time as our Member of Parliament.

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