Close the "Rat Run"?

Following the collision between two cars in Blandford Road by the Esso station on Tuesday 23rd April, Richard Williams who witnessed the accident contacted Corfe Mullen Online. Mr Williams feels strongly that the road past the Esso station should be closed at one end so vehicles can't use it as a short cut and have to use the roundabout.

We - and Cllr. Susan Jefferies who he'd also contacted - both suggested that he should attend the Parish Council meeting that evening to raise the issue. He made a strong case for changing the road layout to prevent the road being used as a "Rat Run".

After he left, the Parish Councillors spent some time discussing what could be done. There have been incidents on this spot in the past and the idea of closing it as a through route had been discussed before but Esso representatives had objected on the grounds that their fuel delivery tankers would find it impossible to reverse into position if the road were closed at that point.

Several councillors offered suggestions including speed bumps and some sort of barrier or chicane but Parish Council Chairman Paul Holland said the only option available to the Parish Council was to ask the County Council to evaluate the road layout in the light of the recent accident. Most agreed that this request should be made, though one or two disagreed, saying that such accidents are caused by drivers and not by roads.

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