County Council Election Candidates

Meet the candidates...
We contacted all four candidates hoping to represent Corfe Mullen on the County Council and asked them to say a bit about themselves and why we should vote for them. Please read all their responses below and don't forget to vote on Thursday 2nd May.

Sarah Burns: The four areas I feel most strongly about protecting the funding towards are : Schools and child welfare /family support services, Adult care services including adult disability support and elderly care, including dementia care provision and the highways maintenance and safety on the roads including Blandford road. Finally crime prevention, working with the other authorities to prevent crime and protect our streets and homes. I will fight to ensure these vital services are not cut in Dorset, as these four areas affect the future wellbeing of our communities.
Dave Evans: Hello , my name is Dave Evans , I am 65 years old , retired , married with two sons and have lived in this village for over 25 pleasant years . I have been involved with the scouts , home watch and the village carnival and how we progress over the next years matters to me . I want to see the quality of our roads urgently improved , the ditches cleared to stop considerable brook water continually flooding the surfaces , a speed limit on the country lanes and a finish to the eye sore tip ! The view point should be an asset to the village . We need a decision on the school and realise the chance of establishing a few business premises. I speak to people and hear what they say and I have a loud voice . I was a candidate at the last general election standing for UKIP because they talk common sense , speak the truth , give the facts as to how what is going on and the problems we have to face . You the electorate are now more aware , please vote for me , it will not be a wasted vote . Please visit our website on Thank you.
Susan Jefferies: When the Romans arrived in Poole Harbour they looked around and chose the plateau of Corfe Mullen as the best place to settle in the area, all of us still agree with them !

It has been my privilege to serve as County Councillor for Corfe Mullen for the last 9 years and I hope you will allow me to continue for another term. Having lived in Corfe Mullen for over 20 years and brought my children up here, I have first hand experience what a glorious and peaceful village we live in. If I am reelected, I will continue to make it my priority to preserve these qualities in order for the whole community to enjoy their lives in peace and comfort.

As a County Councillor, I have involved myself in everything that goes on, from the biggest to the small things. From serving you at County Hall, being a member of the Dorset Fire Authority, being on the Fostering Panel for the County, The Governing bodies of the schools, on the Parish Council, the Chairwoman of the Youth Club, an enthusiastic member of the Sports Association to being a Home Watch co-ordinator where I live.

Corfe Mullen is a village with a heart and I would like to remain at it’s heart, serving you. I hope you will all support me to do so on Thursday May 2nd.

Dave Peden: I’m Dave Peden, the Labour Party Candidate. I have lived in Corfe Mullen for 15 years now, although I’m originally from Scotland. I work for a small Telecomms company in Blandford.
The biggest challenge facing Dorset County Council at the moment is the budget reductions imposed on it by central Government. One of the first things the Coalition government did, as part of its ‘Austerity Package’ was to implement a reduction in Council budgets far higher than most government departments have had to deal with.
Already we have seen the threat to the future of our local Library, and the continuing financial pressure will see even more of Corfe Mullen’s services under threat over the next few years.
My priorities, if elected, would be to protect local services, such as our schools, our bus service, and Corfe Mullen library, and on a wider level to try to defend the most vulnerable in our society from the consequences of the government’s pressure on the County Council’s budget, for instance opposing cuts to Adult Social Care.
As the only candidate from a party which has opposed the scale of the Coalition’s austerity measures, a vote for me would also send a message (however small) to David Cameron and Nick Clegg that something has to change.
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