How tall is Salisbury Cathedral?

The answer to this question determined the outcome at the Annual Carnival Quiz, the first of this year's Corfe Mullen Carnival events.

The competition took place at the Dorset Soldier on Thursday evening, comfortably filling the Lounge, Restaurant and outdoor seating. The Carnival Committee were there to ensure the event ran smoothly, see fair play - and to take our money.

Six rounds of questions on various topics read by Geoff the Landlord tested the knowledge of a total of seventeen teams, resulting in "The Dipsos" (winners for the previous two years) and "Five Go Mad in Dorset Soldier" tying for first place on points.

The two team captains were called forward for a tie-break question: 'What is the total height of Salisbury Cathedral from the ground to the top in feet?', the nearest answer to the correct value being the winner. The Dipsos captain answered 900ft and "Five Go Mad...." said 365ft. Geoff announced the true height as 404 feet and declared "Five Go Mad..." the winners.

The winning team were presented with the silvery trophy and individual engraved glass tumblers for the team members to keep.

Don't forget the other events in this year's Carnival (see full Carnival story in item below) providing entertainment for all, while raising funds to help support this year's charities: Forest Holme and the Village Hall.

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