Travellers cause vehicle ban at 'Rec'

A group of Travellers has been looking for a place to stay locally, including trying our village Rec. This led Corfe Mullen Parish Council Clerk Katrina Blee to close the Rec. to vehicles.

As a result, football matches at the weekend have been cancelled to avoid parking problems in the immediate vicinity. Additional security measures are now in place to enforce the vehicle ban and prevent a temporary Traveller camp being set up.

The Travellers group has tried several other places including Broadstone where they're currently camped, while waiting for the Dorset Steam Fair site to open in a couple of weeks. The Springdale Road car park was closed recently to prevent Travellers camping there, but parking in the road outside means users are not affected so much.

While sympathetic to people who choose an iterant lifestyle, problems have been caused in the past when litter and mess were left behind. No actual damage was caused on previous occasions but an unwillingness to make reasonable sanitary arrangements leaves an unpleasant result for others to clear up and someone has to bear the costs.

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