Final Service at Methodist Church

The last ever service was held at 3pm today, 6th October 2013 at Wareham Road Methodist Church.

The occasion celebrated the life and work of the church and its members over the 86 year span of its existence recalling many positives along with sadness at its closure. The congregation that filled the church heard messages and memories from past Ministers, the present Circuit Minister at Broadstone Methodist and John Russell, who with his wife Frances have mostly run the church in recent times.

John Russell gave a potted history of the church which was built in 1927 on land given by Lt. Colonel George, and listed the various practical works of community service.

A number of well-known hymns were sung by the congregation gathered to mark the occasion. The organ will now be sold to Poole Grammar School, while other fittings will be disposed of at auction. The building will be sold too, though its future purpose is uncertain as its location too near an SSSI means it can't be used for housing. The playgroup based there will continue to use the premises for the time being.

Over the years the number of regular worshippers has dwindled to around six, so the church hierarchy deemed the church too small to keep going. Current members will move and worship at either Broadstone Methodist or Lytchett Matravers.

Business 'Nursery'?

I've been wondering whether the Methodist Church premises could be run for start-up businesses which don't have the need for much space or the resources to pay for them.

Imagine a place where someone with skills and a sewing machine does mending and alterations, or people with craft skills making cards or jewellery could work and display their efforts, someone supplies and fits watch batteries and

It couldn't pay for itself, but with business start-up grants and government help to get unemployed people working, and ongoing advice and support it might foster a self-employed, micro-business start-ups, any of which might grow into something more substantial, or just provide employment and dignity for a few.

As the Church wants to sell the premises, getting the funds to make an outright purchase would be a huge hurdle to overcome. I wonder if they'd consider a five-year lease?

Andrew Murton

Soft Play Cafe for children ....

I was just reading your article about the Methodist church. My daughter goes
to the playgroup there. I think it is an ideal place for a soft play cafe for
Thank you, Denise Huggett.

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