Autumn wildlife

In Corfe Mullen we live on the edge of an area where human existence is quite evident but that doesn't necessarily mean that everything is completely under human control. We all see birds and other wildlife and while foxes aren't uncommon in towns, it was a surprise this morning, not only to see this fox standing for a few seconds in the garden outside my window, but to be able to capture an admittedly poor picture of it. An hour later it ran through the garden again.

Unfortunately the autofocus was set to 'macro' for close-up images and it seems to have taken a better picture of the specs of dirt on the window than the fox but it's clear enough to be worth sharing I think.

For a long time I've been blaming the local feline population and my cat-owning neighbours for multiple episodes of animal droppings in the garden. Following today's close encounter, I now have to accept that some of the deposits may be left by wild animals, rather than the result of humans failing to take responsibility for their pets.

What have you seen? If you have pictures of wild animals or birds taken in the village, please do add them to the village photo album.
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