Corfe Mullen under water

by John Palmer

Three weeks drought suddenly changed to 10 days downpour on 15 December 2013. 165 mms of rain fell, and caused the highest Stour flood seen in over 10 years. The river rose 2.7 metres (nearly 9 feet). The floodplains near Mill Street are the widest along the whole river, and the flood was 1 mile wide at Bear Mead Nature Reserve. This is the lowest part of Corfe Mullen parish. Julians Road was closed but the bridge was dry. Farmers rushed to move any livestock still on the fields.

Alas, the peak of the flood occured at 6pm on Xmas Eve, it was dark and the author was unable to get a photo of the drama. He hopes the Coventry Arms will not have to close again for repairs....

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