Corfe Mullen-on-Mississippi

Not a canal but a bridleway to the Stour!

Along the A31 (foreground, pictured from near old railway arch) the Stour was a mile wide on Sunday 5 Jan 2014, as wide as the Mississippi at New Orleans. The floodwater took 23 hours to travel 44 miles from Gillingham in North Dorset.

With the 3rd flood to hit the parish in 12 days, there has been nearly a foot of rain (294 mms) in the last 3 weeks. The Coventry Arms had to close again, there was nowhere to pump the water. The Stour has crept onto the A31 in places. All 25 acres of the Nature Reserve I run are under water, there's no sign of it stopping.

Its all the fault of the Jetstream and the Americans I hear.

John Palmer
Warden of Bear Mead

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