Corfe Mullen history in print

Hi fellow residents,
For my own personal interest I have been trying to trace literature on the history, good and not very good, specifically on our village and immediate surrounding areas.
This involves a lot of time hunting on Google Search and library records and information found to date is fragmented.
Can anyone direct me to a list of publications and where they can be obtained.
Any suggestions would be greatfully received.
Dave Wright

Dorset Online Parish Clerk (OPC)

Google Dorset OPC Enter Corfe Mullen.
The parish records for Baptism Marriages and Burials are available. This may help to tie up the dates and people of Corfe Mullen with the history.

When I worked with Dorset Life Magazine our editor used Broadstone Library quite a bit.

My husband has lived in Corfe Mullen 90% of his life.There are many stories to tell.One was published in Dorset Life.

Happy Hunting

History of Corfe Mullen

Have you looked at records held at the Priest House museum in Wimborne - quite a lot of old documents and photos relating to Corfe Mullen's history
Good luck with your search

Corfe Mullen History in print

Hi Dave

I have a few suggestions for snippets of information on the history of Corfe Mullen other than The Origins of a Dorset Village published by Richards (available at the Parish Council Offices at £2.00) and Origins of Road Names by Angela Williams (also from the Parish Council Office at £1.00). I have looked for years and sadly have not found any other books specifically about our village. As Corfe Mullen was part of the large Canford Estate, it would pay to look for publications with this in mind.
Firstly Hutchins History of Dorset contains various references to Corfe Mullen. I believe that Blandford Library have a copy.
The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Dorset editions have details of the listed cottages and St Hubert's Church.
A History of Poole covers the history of Corfe Mullen as part of the Canford Estate. Author: Cecil N Cullingford (this is a particularly interesting book).
Ebb-Tide at Poole by John Hillier of Poole Historical Trust also has a section on the Canford Estate.
Smuggling in Hampshire and Dorset 1700-1850 by Geoffrey Morley
In search of Issac Gulliver by M V Angel (local author)
I have found historical land ownership details for Corfe Mullen when searching for local church history and its connections to Salisbury.
I hope this is of use to you.
Best regards
Lynda White

Origins of a Dorset village


I believe the following are available from Corfe Mullen Parish Council:-

Origins of a Dorset Village by Norman Field. I believe his widow gave permission for this book to be reprinted.

In addition I am told, the Council has published a second booklet tracing the origins of many of the village's street names.

This information is a couple of years old but the books may still be available.

I am wondering if in the future it will be possible to obtain similar books on Corfe Mullen from this web site?

Best wishes

Tess Cawley
Cape Town

Origins of a Dorset Village

Hi Tess

Thank you for your email. The books are
still available at the Parish Council offices in Towers Way priced at £2.00 for the Origins of a Dorset Village and £1.00 for the Corfe Mullen Street names.
If there are other publications available on our village in the future, then it seems likely that they may be discussed on this site, perhaps with information on where to buy them.
I hope that Corfe Mullen on-line will prompt a few historical memories from its users that can be recorded in a comprehensive publication at some time in the future.

Best wishes

Corfe Mullen History

Thank you so much for your information in reply to my request for publications on the history of Corfe Mullen.
It will be invaluable in giving me a much needed starting point.
I must also express my thanks to the new Corfe Mullen Online (CMO) website which gave me the platform to reach out to the community for local information.
It worked for me in less than 24 hours.
Thank you again.

Dave Wright

Hi Dave and Lynda I don't

Hi Dave and Lynda

I don't know if you have seen this book or if it would be of any use:

Ramblings in the Past: The Story of Corfe Mullen, J Bernard Calkin

Tess Cawley
Cape Town

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