Hints for Ease of Use

There have been some very positive comments on the simple navigation on this site and on the ease of use but there have also been a couple of other points and queries.

1. Home. The text is a bit small but gets you back to the main front page. You also get home by clicking on the site name at the top.

2. Tiny text As with other sites and browsers, if you press 'Ctrl' with + or - you can make the text the size that suits your screen and eyesight.

3. Two people asked about how to contact us if you want to ask or say something less publicly than posting a comment for all to read, so we've added a 'Contact CMO' menu item which sends us an email. It's easy to use. This is not the place to say what you think about a subject - you can add your own comment to a discussion.

4. When you see an article on the front page, it'll only show the first bit or "teaser" of each one; you have to click on 'read more' to see the whole thing.

5. 'Add a comment' and 'reply' under articles and on forums are the way you can make your contribution. The preview button lets you see how it will look, and when you're happy, press 'save' and it's done. If you're a registered user and logged in, your comment will appear straight away but if not, it will have to wait for site moderators' approval. Remember to log in! Note: 'add comment' is for a direct response to the article or forum topic, while 'reply' is a response to someone else's comment.

6. You can't add pictures or articles yourself. These need to be sent via email to the editors who manage the majority of site content to keep it decent and maintain high standards.

7. If you have an idea for an article, please contact us before spending time on it in case someone else is already working on the same topic or it's something we consider unsuitable.

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