Speedwatch Group checks vehicle speed

Cllr. Susan Jefferies checking vehicle speeds

The Corfe Mullen Speedwatch Group met on Monday afternoon 29th September for hands-on training in using a radar speed gun and awareness of safety aspects of monitoring traffic. All present wore hi-vis jackets and those who had not used the gun before had an opportunity to try it.

The group will meet in future at locations suggested by local residents who are concerned about speeding traffic. The aim is to raise awareness of speeding to improve safe driving in the village.

In an hour around 200 vehicles were counted and any which were breaking the speed limit by a clear margin and where a reading for that one vehicle could be obtained, the speed, vehicle description and registration number were recorded to be passed on to the police. A number of people were observed driving too fast but the most memorable one was a minibus from a childcare organisation travelling at nearly 40mph. Vehicle owners will receive a warning letter at first, but repeated infractions will attract further police attention.

Training and equipment on this occasion were provided by PCSO Neal Rooke who won't need to be present once the group is trained and has its own equipment.

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