The Queen's Jubilee

(pictured: Beacon Road Jubilee Party)

As most people in this country, along with many others around the world celebrate 60 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign, I'm sure we all send Her Majesty best wishes for her continued good health and hope she enjoys the events held in her honour.

The Queen is not expected to appear at events in Corfe Mullen but if you do spot her, please capture the moment and send us a picture with a few words so we can all share. We'd love to show everyone the best of any pictures you take of local celebrations even with no royal visitors, so please do send them in.

Birds in my garden

Text and Pictures Andrew Murton

I'm not really a bird watcher but like to keep an eye out for birds in the garden. I have an old inverted plastic garden table which collects water and I positioned it just outside the window so I can watch them when I'm sat at my computer as they come for a drink or a bath.

The commonest here are Blackbirds and I've noticed a family which were around frequently in the spring and I saw the mother feeding three young in the last couple of months. I think they've left home now as I don't see them so often. I have noticed a male Blackbird in the last week going into the boundary hedge with next door so I don't know if they're nesting there but it's possible.

I often see Robins and sometimes see two together. Starlings nest in my roof and flew to and fro on numerous trips with nesting materials. Bluetits were a common sight but I haven't seen them so often. Pigeons are common and I sometimes see a crow.

Fly Tipping - Newtown Lane

Another incident of Fly Tipping this time on Newtown Lane alongside the Cemetery.

This photograph was taken on Saturday 12th May at 10.45 am. If you have any information regarding the perpetrators please contact the Fly Tip Team at East Dorset District Council.

This incident has been reported and the Council will arrange to have the waste removed

Dave Wright

Lamb's Green Lane flooded

Dave Wright 5th May 2012

Lambs Green Lane, just beyond the Lambs Green Inn, is still impassable without the benefit of your wellies.

Another picture taken 10th May by Susan Jefferies

Calling all Superheroes!

This Saturday Wonder Woman, She-Ra and Batman will be in Bournemouth Squarelooking for fellow superheroes to join them on the Julia’s House Superheroes Night Walk on 25th May.

This is the children’s hospice’s second nightwalk and promises to be one of the biggest local charity events of the year. Like last year, it is only £10 to enter and the fee includes illuminated balloons, a medal, refreshment on route, a goody bag and a delicious cup cake at the end to say thank you.

Corfe Mullen Buzz!

Jane Adams of Corfe Mullen Nature Watch brings news of a project she recently received funding for.

Jane writes:-

It's called Corfe Mullen Buzz and we're trying to encourage as many people as possible to plant wildflower seeds in their gardens to encourage declining bees, butterflies and nice bugs back into our gardens.

Synergy Housing Association has given us funding for 500 packets of seeds, and Corfe Mullen residents can pick up a packet (free) at Corfe Coffee (one packet per household, while stocks last!). All we ask in return is that people let us know their postcode so that we can show roughly where the seeds have been sown on a Google map on the website later in the spring. We're also asking for photos of the flowers and insects they encourage into the garden We'll be setting up a flickr group but people can also email them to me.

People need to pick up their seeds quick as they need to be sown April early May (for flowers in June/July).

Jane Adams - Corfe Mullen Nature Watch

Corfe Coffee - One year on

Happy First Birthday wishes go to Corfe Coffee which opened for business one year ago today. It seems to be thriving as a daytime meeting place for local people.

Simon and today's team of volunteers were working hard at lunchtime to supply food and drink for the hungry and thirsty of the village.

I've sent Simon a few questions which I hope he'll find time to respond to in the next few days.

Life drained away?

Last night (3rd April) I spotted this scene on the footpath which runs parallel with and between Phelipps Rd and Ruscombe Way. It's a pair of ladies white boots lying by a drain. What does it mean? Who put them there, and why?

If you can shed any light or have a theory, please add your comment below.

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