Sorry, No Fuel!

We don't know whether there will be a tanker driver strike affecting fuel supplies but as a result of Francis Maude's unwise advice to top up, just in case, enough people queued up at the Esso station at Windgreen in the last few days to cause a shortage. My tank was nearly empty when I last drove past a couple of days ago but I didn't fancy queueing, so I left it. Today (2nd April) I still needed some and found it elsewhere.

Clothing Bank Vandalism

Text and pictures by Dave Wright.

The Clothing & Shoe recycling bank at the rear of the Library was recently the victim of Vandalism/Theft.

The Parish Council Office does not know the reasons behind this attack but they have reported the damage to the Recycling Company.

As will be obvious in the photographs it took some considerable force to rip the steel casing. Who could be so desperate just to gain access to second hand materials of very little value?

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We love trivia!

In a well-attended quiz held in the Village Hall in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Care charity on Thursday 23rd February, a group called the Ditherers beat over a dozen other teams, winning by the narrowest of margins - just one point!

The Ditherers received a fine prize of half a dozen bottles of wine to share.

As a follow-up, the same organisers are holding a Beetle Drive in April; details to follow.

Carwash fundraiser at the Mount

[Text and pictures by Dave Wright]

Driving by The Mount Inn on Saturday morning, 6th August, I was being ‘encouraged’ to enter the car park for a first class Hand Car Wash.

I pulled in to find the car washing in full swing by team members and supporters of West Mullen Football Club who were raising much needed funds for the club.

The football club was formed earlier this year and they are looking forward to their first season in the Bournemouth Sunday League. Division 9

For a small donation I got a nice clean car, a few photographs of the activity and enjoyed listening to the nonstop banter of the lads as they competed with each other to produce the cleanest area of the car. For some strange reason the car washers all had soap suds in their hair!

Visit the clubs website for further information and league tables for the coming season.

See a couple more pictures of the event at image gallery

Apology: Dave sent this to us months ago and it got overlooked in the email. Sorry for the delay Dave.

Not a pretty sight!

This is the view of the paper and cardboard recycling area near the Village Hall and the Library - and it's none too picturesque. According to the Parish Council office this morning it's emptied twice a week but if this has been emptied in the last few working days then we're remarkably diligent in this community about recycling, which is good but some of us lack common sense.


Tree damages roof

A tree blown down in the heavy winds this morning (3rd Jan) came to rest at an awkward angle on the corner of the roof of an upstairs flat in Towers Way. Several branches have broken though but no-one was hurt. The residents returned home to find the damage and people already working on their home.

Matthew May from Minster Property Management who manage the property for the owners said that the incident occurred at around 11am while the flat was unoccupied. He inspected the inside and said the tree branches had broken through the roof in three or four places and that some tiles will need replacing and there is some damage to the roof trusses, though he was not able to give details.

Kieran Boyland Tree Services of Wimborne were on the scene working to cut through the branches and remove the tree debris. They aim to remove the tree and make the property weatherproof before nightfall. The residents have been offered temporary accommodation while their flat is made safe.

Stranger Danger Alert

Following reports of attempted abductions of girls attending village schools in the last few days, letters warning about "Stranger Danger" have been sent to parents of children at Lockyers and Henbury view schools, while Rushcombe have had a special talk to children about stranger danger.

The driver of a white Audi is implicated in the attempted attacks and witnesses are helping the police with a profile of the man or men involved.

Anyone concerned about people they consider strangers should pass reports to the police or relevant school and not attempt to take action themselves.

(From information supplied by Parish Councillor Sarah Burns)

Public Meeting on Travellers site proposals held for Corfe Mullen Residents

Concerned residents of Candy’s Lane called a public meeting in Corfe Mullen Village Hall on November 10th to discuss the proposed gypsy and traveller residential site at Candys Lane, Corfe Mullen.

Nearly 200 people took part in a lively discussion chaired by County Councillor Susan Jefferies and David Quest, a local chartered surveyor who outlined concerns raised about the residential development of this site.

The organisers stressed that their objections were based purely on legitimate planning grounds, including developing on the green belt, the visibility of the site, site access and environmental issues.

The proposed site is within green belt land and is on a 140 acre Beef Farm leased from Dorset County Council. Should permission be granted the current tenants would leave and the farm would be unviable, a great loss to the local area and community.

“We all feel that Candy’s Lane is not an appropriate location for any development, neither for housing nor for Travellers” said Susan “The residents are showing their very valid concerns. Surely we can find somewhere more suitable”.

Public exhibitions will take place on the 24th November in the Allendale Centre, Wimborne and on the 28 November in The Hub, Verwood and local residents are urged to take part in the consultation.

For more information on the process please go to

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