Items Stolen From Vehicles

Police reported on Monday 6th January 2014 that a number of thefts of items have already taken place since the new year.

Overnight between Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th January, three thefts from unattended motor vehicles occurred at Ridge Way and Blythe Road Corfe Mullen.

Ridge Way - The offenders gained entry due to vehicle being left unlocked and stole a sat nav and charger.

Blythe Road - The offenders gained entry due to vehicle being left unlocked and stole the car stereo.

Blythe Road - The offenders gained entry due to vehicle being left unlocked and stole a sat nav and a key to a second vehicle which was parked near by. Second vehicle was entered and attempts were made to start it but were unsuccessful.

Police strongly advise against leaving valuable items in your car and say an alarm should always be used if fitted.

If you saw anything suspicious or have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 525.

Police and Crime Commissioner Engagement Forums

The PCC is inviting members of the local community to meet with him at one of his upcoming forums which will be held at Leigh Park Community Association, Gordon Road, Wimborne, BH21 2AP Friday 10th January 10.00 -12.00 midday.

Afternoon surgery sessions are still available at Wimborne.

Please contact Susan Bickle to confirm attendance, book a surgery session, or find out more on 01202 223743 or

Garage Burglary in Kiln Close

Between 22:00 and 22:50 hrs on Friday 20th December a number of garages were broken into in Kiln Close, Corfe Mullen. Entry was gained by cutting the padlocks on the doors. Having gained entry the offenders stole numerous items ranging from powers tools to a motorcycle. No offenders were seen or heard.

Please review your own garage security. An inexpensive stand-alone alarm and alarmed padlocks are available through your local Neighbourhood Watch. For further advice and a free security survey please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team. If you have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 53299.

Thank You.

PCSO Neal Rooke

Corfe Mullen SNT

Corfe Mullen under water

by John Palmer

Three weeks drought suddenly changed to 10 days downpour on 15 December 2013. 165 mms of rain fell, and caused the highest Stour flood seen in over 10 years. The river rose 2.7 metres (nearly 9 feet). The floodplains near Mill Street are the widest along the whole river, and the flood was 1 mile wide at Bear Mead Nature Reserve. This is the lowest part of Corfe Mullen parish. Julians Road was closed but the bridge was dry. Farmers rushed to move any livestock still on the fields.

Alas, the peak of the flood occured at 6pm on Xmas Eve, it was dark and the author was unable to get a photo of the drama. He hopes the Coventry Arms will not have to close again for repairs....

Customers Foil Co-op Drink Theft

It's reported that in the last 30 minutes an attempt was made (Sat 21st Dec) around 7.30 to steal a quantity of alcohol from the Co-op.

Two male customers realising that the man was leaving with a loaded trolley without having paid gave chase. The thief left the trolley in the path of traffic and made his escape.


Corfe Mullen Police Safer Neighbourhood Team and Corfe Mullen Home Watch joined together in the Library car park today (9th December) in a bid to reduce crime, particularly geared towards security for sheds and garages following the recent spate of shed burglaries in the area.

The inside of the mobile display seen here is fitted out to look like a shed and lined with examples of security products such as locks, alarms, floodlights and security cameras. Home Watch members and police were present to provide advice and information and many security products were available for purchase.

The Sheducation leaflet is headed "Beat the Garden Thief" and goes on to say that we often keep bikes, tools, mowers and other equipment in sheds and garages and don't take enough trouble to secure them from theft.

Someone clearly spent some time choosing words to create an acronym for the name Sheducation and it almost works. Maybe it was getting late and the printer was waiting.

Secure the access to your shed
Have your shed contents security marked
External movement sensitive lighting
Door security - pad bars and alarmed padlocks
Use coach bolts or non-return screws
Chain equipment to strong anchor point
Team up with local Watch group and police
Insure your contents
Obtain security advice
Notify everyone your shed is secure - fix a sign

Christmas Concert

Monday 9th December at 7.30 pm The Wimborne Orchestra presents a Christmas concert at St Nicholas Church, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen. Admission free. Retiring collection. Further information: 01258 455403 or

A Good Year for Acorns

John Palmer of Bearmead writes:

Just in time before the St Jude storm, I picked 3,500 acorns from my Oaks at Bear Mead.

The big fat acorns with a touch of brown almost fell into my hands. Six acres surrounded by a deer fence, there are 250 oaks planted 13 years ago. The absence of deer means each tree touches the ground, and some of the oaks are too tall to reach the top. Like 3 years ago, one tree alone provided 1,000 acorns. Picking was done 7-27 October from 30 trees.

Back home they were placed in water, the "floaters" (12%) rejected and the "sinkers" placed in damp sawdust from a petshop. Half of these were placed in gauze bags in an old fridge set at 4°C, the rest in a propagator out of any sun. Keep the sawdust damp. Come mid December, they should all be checked for germination - the shell splits and the taproot emerges. Take care not to harm the taproot. Germinated acorns can either be scattered, or placed root down in a small hole in the ground, or planted in a 3-inch plant-pot.
Mine will be scattered back in the Plantation, or used to grow an oak-hedge there.

Contact me on if you would like a couple of germinated acorns.

All my oaks are children of the famous Major Oak in Sherwood Forest.
WARNING - oaks grow very slowly, its best to be under voting age to see the results of your efforts.

Corfe Mullen's Namesake Mill Pond

Mullen means mill, but which mill? For years people believed it was the mill next to the Coventry Arms on the A31. Now John Palmer, who runs Bear Mead Nature Reserve, thinks it was another lost Mill near the big roundabout on the A31. Lake Mill is Saxon, while the mill by the Coventry Arms is 'only' medieval (and is dated 1714).

The Domesday Book (written in 1086) mentions only one mill in Corfe, valued at £1. This sounds ridiculously cheap, but in fact places Lake Mill in the top 5% of 282 mills in Dorset in those days. The nearby Coventry Arms mill is today valued at £750,000 by local auctioneers, the difference being 927 years of shrinking value of the pound.

Lake Mill has now vanished underground, but until recently the weir on the Stour could be seen (and Weir Lane is named after it). The leat (Mill Stream) still exists, is nearly 2 miles long, and forms the Parish boundary (laid out in Saxon times).

Old maps show where Lake Mill was, next to the old Wimborne-Bere Regis road, needed to take flour to customers by horse and wagon. Lake Mill is mentioned in 1606 in Kingston Lacy archives, run by William Gillingham (he paid 23 pence for water rent); and again in the Census 1841-51-61 being run by James Bradley.

About 1900 Lake Mill was closed down after 1,000 years, and the Mill Stream filled in over 100 yards. What is now needed is Tony Robinson and his 'Time-Team' to do an exploratory archeological dig. But first, opinion, permission and money is needed from the County, the Parish and the University. This may take some time. Meanwhile, the author has kept fact and supposition together on a webpage at

Anyone who can add to the Lake Mill story, please contact me:
John Palmer
Warden of Bear Mead Nature Reserve

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