Autumn wildlife

In Corfe Mullen we live on the edge of an area where human existence is quite evident but that doesn't necessarily mean that everything is completely under human control. We all see birds and other wildlife and while foxes aren't uncommon in towns, it was a surprise this morning, not only to see this fox standing for a few seconds in the garden outside my window, but to be able to capture an admittedly poor picture of it. An hour later it ran through the garden again.

Unfortunately the autofocus was set to 'macro' for close-up images and it seems to have taken a better picture of the specs of dirt on the window than the fox but it's clear enough to be worth sharing I think.

For a long time I've been blaming the local feline population and my cat-owning neighbours for multiple episodes of animal droppings in the garden. Following today's close encounter, I now have to accept that some of the deposits may be left by wild animals, rather than the result of humans failing to take responsibility for their pets.

What have you seen? If you have pictures of wild animals or birds taken in the village, please do add them to the village photo album.

Driveway Fuel Theft - Ivor Road

Between 18:00 on Monday 14th October and 08:40 on Tuesday 15th October a vehicle parked on a driveway in Ivor Road, Corfe Mullen had its fuel tank syphoned. The offenders stole nearly a full tank of unleaded petrol.

If you saw anything suspicious or have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting Crime Number 43312.

Thank You.

PCSO Neal Rooke

Corfe Mullen SNT

Tree Fall in Henbury View Rd

A medium size oak tree fell across the lower part of Henbury View Road late this afternoon, blocking the road. Fortunately no one was hurt and only one car sustained minor damage.

Pictures: Chris Kemp

Final Service at Methodist Church

The last ever service was held at 3pm today, 6th October 2013 at Wareham Road Methodist Church.

The occasion celebrated the life and work of the church and its members over the 86 year span of its existence recalling many positives along with sadness at its closure. The congregation that filled the church heard messages and memories from past Ministers, the present Circuit Minister at Broadstone Methodist and John Russell, who with his wife Frances have mostly run the church in recent times.

John Russell gave a potted history of the church which was built in 1927 on land given by Lt. Colonel George, and listed the various practical works of community service.

A number of well-known hymns were sung by the congregation gathered to mark the occasion. The organ will now be sold to Poole Grammar School, while other fittings will be disposed of at auction. The building will be sold too, though its future purpose is uncertain as its location too near an SSSI means it can't be used for housing. The playgroup based there will continue to use the premises for the time being.

Over the years the number of regular worshippers has dwindled to around six, so the church hierarchy deemed the church too small to keep going. Current members will move and worship at either Broadstone Methodist or Lytchett Matravers.

Over 50s Information Day

This event organised by POPP - Dorset Partnership for Older People Project filled the Village Hall on Friday 20th September with stands from a number of organisations, all offering advice or services for those aged over 50. They also hoped to encourage volunteering and sought opinion and feedback.

As a practical bonus everyone over 50 attending the event was offered a free pair of fitted slippers along with information on ‘Staying Steady’ - avoiding falls in the home by replacing potentially dangerous loose older slippers.

A full list of exhibitors will be available here soon.

Click 'read more' to see pictures

Methodist Church to close

Corfe Mullen Methodist Church is due to close in a week's time due to an ageing and dwindling congregation, with the final service at 3pm on 6th October.

Church Services have for some time been run by members of the congregation but overseen by the Minister of Broadstone Methodist Church, Rev. C. Moreton and his predecessor. Displaced congregants will worship at other local churches.

The building and site will be sold but it's understood that due to planning regulations the site can't be used for housing so its future is currently uncertain.

If you have any further information about this or suggestions for the use of the building or site, please contact us.

Film - Historic Dorset Crafts

We are holding a Film Evening in the village Hall on October 18th at 7.30pm, Trevor Bailey of Windrose Rural Media is showing an excellent film of Dorset 100 years ago, with an emphasis on rural crafts and skills and unusual archive footage.

We are selling tickets at £7.50 each and it should be a really good evening. Tickets are available by calling 01202 658629

Susan Jefferies

Shed Burglaries in Rushall Lane

Four shed burglaries took place overnight on Sunday 22nd September 2013 in the area of Rushall Lane. All were padlocked and entry gained using a crowbar to force off the hasp or a bolt cropper was used to cut the padlock. Items stolen included a chainsaw, garden strimmer and copper.

One shed had with an alarmed padlock and this was not burgled. The shed without the alarmed padlock was burgled.

Alarmed padlocks and inexpensive shed alarms are available through your local Neighbourhood Watch or Ferndown Police Community Office, The Barrington Centre, Pennys Walk, Ferndown.

For further advice and a security survey please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team. If you have any information please contact Dorset Police on 101.

Thank You.

Dorset Police SNT

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